Gold, Silver, and Forex Patterns

Gold is surging and Silver is sinking.Gold is up more than 30% since the beginning of the year, and Silver has risen as well.It’s not all positive, however.There’s a lot

How to buy and sell with forex tracker in a single app

Forex Tracker is a free app that tracks all of your trading decisions, which can be done on a single page.You can track your trades in real time and use it to make intelligent decisions about what you should buy or sell.The app uses AI to analyze your trade history to give

The biggest market in the world is in a mess, and we have to get out of it

Forex markets have been rocked by the sharp rise in the prices of gold and silver, but that hasn’t stopped them from getting out of the mess and back to their pre-recession levels.Al Jazeera’s Al Jazeera London correspondent, Richard Conway, spoke to experts to find out how they think this market could

‘Forex is the greatest invention since the Internet’: CNBC

A new generation of financial traders and traders in the virtual trading space has emerged in the past year and they are a big part of the growth of forex in the global economy, according to new research from the US-based consulting firm Citi. Citi, the world’s biggest financial services firm, said it

Forex trader,who sold £7m of shares, is now earning £50,000 per week

Forex traders who sell large sums of stock will be rewarded with cash, thanks to a new trading course created by a leading forex trader.Pascal Gros, a 27-year-old trader, created a Forex Robot course last year for $5,000 ($7,200) a month.It now earns Mr Gros £50.7 million a year.He said he was

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