The best investment funds for investors are often based on the amount of money you need to invest, but there are some that offer a more immediate and measurable return. 

One of the best funds for you is The Fund for Life. 

You can read about their best fund and their top 5 picks here: The fund has a return of over 3% per year and has outperformed the S&P 500 by an impressive margin. 

The fund has been one of the most popular funds in recent years with over 8 million customers.

“In our view, the fund is a great investment for anyone wanting to get ahead in the market and is suitable for all investors who have a small to medium portfolio of stocks, bonds and other financial instruments,” said the fund’s CEO, John Vigna.

Here’s what investors should know about The Fund For Life:The Fund for Lifes most popular asset is the 500-share gold ETF.

The fund is the only one to beat the S.&amp=P 500 and outperform the SPDR S&P 500.

According to the fund, its return has averaged 3.8% per annum since its inception in 2007.

If you’re looking to buy the gold ETF or buy into other gold ETFs, The Fund will pay you a 10% premium over its NAV price. 

According to The Fund’s website, the funds NAV is currently at $1,049.24, which means the fund earns an average of $9.00 per share. 

If you don’t want to buy into the gold fund, it offers a 10-year, 1.5% cash return, which is enough to pay you back the $9 per share it pays you for every year you hold the fund.

There are also multiple funds in the fund like the ETFs 500-gold and 500-silver that have different price ranges and the fund offers both options. 

Another popular investment is the ETF which is the largest gold ETF in the world.

It has an annualized return of 4.4%, which is a huge jump from the S1S benchmark. 

To understand what you can expect from the Fund for life, you need look no further than the chart below: