The markets will be in turmoil when Brexit occurs, but it is not the time for panic.

In the longer term, the best bet is for the markets to bounce back.

In a recent CNBC survey of about 1,500 stock investors, most investors said the U.K. could stay in the EU and the market could continue to perform well.

However, most said they would consider buying more U.S. stocks and foreign currency if that were the case.

While many investors may still be fearful of the U and its trading partners, they are also likely to be more focused on the economic situation and the risks that Brexit poses.

Read moreThe markets are set to have a moment of truth in the coming days.

The day after the Brexit vote, the Dow Jones Industrial Average will begin to rise.

At the same time, stocks will begin rising on expectations that the U, Britain’s main trading partner, will make a big concession to ease trade restrictions on its goods and services exports.

In the U:The Dow will rise on news of Britain’s concession to the EU.

The Nasdaq will begin a rally.

On the global economy, the UBS Global Real Estate Index will start to surge.

The S&P 500 will also rally, as investors believe the Dow will begin hitting a record high.

The Dow is likely to jump as high as 2,938.

The Dow is the best-performing U.T.E. index, which tracks a wide variety of industries including technology, health care, finance and real estate.

The average for the index has risen nearly 400 percent in the past three years.