The Forex subreddit has had an update since the beginning of 2018, and today, the feature has been added to the site.

The new features include:• Added a Forex Definition page to show what Forex is and what it can do for you.• Added the ability to filter the subreddit by keyword, currency, and more.• You can now create your own subreddit by editing the subreddit title, subreddit description, and subreddit flair.• Fixed a bug that prevented users from creating subreddits if they had not registered.• Improved Reddit search.

You can search for specific keywords and see if they exist in the subreddit.• When you add a new subreddit, you will see a confirmation box when it is created.

You should see it pop up if you are subscribed.• Other minor fixes and improvements.

This was an update from a year ago and has been around since January 2018.

This feature was added as part of the Forex Trading Reddit update that went live in February 2018.

Forex traders can now search for topics and find topics they are interested in.

In addition, there is now a new “subscribe to the subreddit” feature that allows subscribers to subscribe to the Forextradar subreddit.

If you have an account with ForexTrading, you can now subscribe to Forextrade, Forexjobs, and ForexTrade to get alerts for all the topics you want to see.

To access the ForeX subreddit, simply go to Forex Reddit and follow the instructions.

Forextrading is also a great place to find the latest Forex news, trading updates, and analysis.

To search for keywords and topics in the ForeXTradar and ForeXtrading subreddits, simply enter the keyword or topic you want in the search box.

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