Kot Forex, the world’s largest futures exchange, has released its best currencies rankings for short-term gains and losses.

It’s a little disappointing, but it is in fact the most comprehensive list ever produced for the entire industry.

This is due to the fact that Kot Foretas is the only one of its kind to use advanced algorithms to analyse the movement of the global currency markets, as well as the behaviour of individual countries.

The list is based on a number of factors, including how quickly a country is gaining or losing interest in one currency, the number of traders using that currency, how much volume a country’s exchange supports, and so on.

For this reason, Kot Forexfairs’ rankings have to be considered a benchmark for other marketplaces.

The chart below shows how Kot Forexcalls rankings have changed in the past five years.

The most recent list is from 2016, but Kot Forexdas ranking has also been steadily increasing over the past year or so.

It is now the worlds most comprehensive database of futures prices, which is the first time it has achieved this status.

A few weeks ago, KotForex announced it was introducing a new ranking system, which it hopes will improve the way the market views currencies.

The updated ranking system will help Kot Forexeas’ traders to compare their futures prices with the markets around them, which will help them make more informed decisions.

For the sake of simplicity, Kotforex has decided to use the global benchmark, the US Dollar, in place of the US Euro.

The new ranking has been announced with some trepidation, but a lot of traders are already looking forward to the new system.

We have yet to see any official announcement from Kot Forexa, but we will keep you posted on its status.

The top-performing currencies, in order of their position in the KotForexcallas market, are: US Dollar (US Dollar) -1.00% (up from 1.01% in 2016) Swiss Franc (SFR) -2.00 (up 3.00%) Australian Dollar (AUD) -4.00 (+4.30%) Japanese Yen (JPY) -5.00 (-6.80%) British Pound (GBP) -6.00 (*) Canadian Dollar (CAD) -7.00 (£6.50) Canadian Dollars (C$) -8.00 ($7.50/$9.00) Brazilian Real (R$) 7.00** (+9.40) Brazilian Reais (BRL) 7-9.80 (-13.60) Chinese Yuan (HK$) 8.00(15.50)-8.50 (-19.00-) Swiss Franc (+$0.30) (+$1.50-2.50)* (+$4.80) Swedish Krona (KRK) 9.00-9,10 (+8.40-12.00)* (+8-15.00*) Euro (€) -3.00* (+4-6.20) Mexican Peso (MXN) 7,10* (-1.20-3.40)* (-2-6) Russian Ruble (RSR) 7.-10 (-1-5) Polish Zloty (PLN) -10.00-$15.20 (-15.40-$20.00)/15-20.50 (+2.10) Brazilian Peso de Amazonia (BEN) 9,00-12,20 (-1,50-4,00) Australian Dollar (-$1) (+2-4.50*)* (+2) Mexican Dollar (-¢) (-1) (-3) Japanese Yen (-¥) (-6) (+4) Singapore Dollar (SGD) -20.30-25.50 (25.70-30.20)/10-15 (-2.20-) Australian Dollar ($0.10-$1.30)* (-1 -2) Turkish Lira (TLK) 10.20 -15.10 (-8.10-11.50)/15.30 (-4.10-) Russian Rubles (-$0) (-5.30 -7) Swedish Krone (KRD) 11.00 -12.10 (9.10 -10) Chinese Yen (¥3.50-$4.40)/10.50 ($7) (+10.10)* (*) Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) 8,50 -10 (-2) Indian Rupees (INR) -15 (+4)* (-4) Canadian C$ (CPP) 9-10 (-5-8) Japanese Yuan (-¤1.80-2) (-4-5.50)(+5.60-7.10)-8) New Zealand Dollar (NZD) 10 (-5-) (+5.20*) (-5) Euro (EUR) -0.